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Team Phantom is a design team of over 40 dedicated Simon Fraser University students with the goal of building an electric vehicle to compete in the 2020 Formula SAE Electric Competition while increasing mindfulness about green energy sources.

This project will inspire both research as well as the development of sustainable transportation, all while engaging zero-emission vehicle innovators of the future. In addition to preparing for competition, we work with SFU and the City of Surrey to attend events geared toward the promotion of renewable, clean energy and the importance of sustainable transport.

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Formula SAE Electric
Racecar Design

Formula SAE Electric

Formula SAE Electric is an international competition taking place in Fontana, California that will push the team to its limits for design, performance, and safety. The end goal of the team is to have a race vehicle with an outstanding design capable of competing in all of the categories outlined.

In order for our car to compete, the team must build a fast, powerful and cost effective car that will be judged on its design, ingenuity, cost and overall performance. The competition encourages innovation, research and creative design that will not only train upcoming engineers, but also plays a role in shaping the future of electric vehicles.

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We are a passionate and multi-disciplinary group students from Simon Fraser University (SFU) who are driven by our desire to innovate for a sustainable future. Through competing against many international university teams, we will be able to network and foster connections with other innovators and industry professionals who are just as passionate as we are about engineering a better future.

We welcome students from all faculties and strive to create a diverse team of likeminded individuals who are all working toward a shared vision of clean energy and sustainability awareness through zero-emission vehicle design.

Come Change The World With Us.

By sponsoring Team Phantom, you are making your own mark on the future by contributing to the development of zero emission vehicles. In addition, you are helping in the education and spread of awareness concerning sustainable transportation.

Your company will be able to connect with prospective talent as well as other industry professionals as we host and attend various events across the Greater Vancouver/Lower Mainland areas.

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Contact Us - phantom@sfu.ca

Follow us on our journey as we make our mark on the integration of sustainable energy and transportation solutions. As we like to say - LET’S RACE!