The Community Perspective

A sustainable team is not just a team that is good at designing and making things - It is one that seeks to empower and build those around them through sharing and active involvement within the community.

A more sustainable and equitable world is one where we all work together to scale the mountainous challenges which lie ahead. 

LearnTwice Initiative


As a part of SAE's A World In Motion (AWIM) Learn Twice initiative, we are lucky to have the opportunity to interact with middle- and high-school students in sharing our STEM experiences so far and our journey from high-school students to where we are today. 

To quote SAE, "To Teach is to Learn Twice". These experiences give us the opportunity to both reflect on our own learning, and to share our passion and interest in STEM with students, with the aim of empowering them to be inspired and pursue their own interests. 

Learn Twice 2021

In January 2021, we interacted with a tech class at a local high school to share STEM concepts and our own experiences so far with the goal of engaging and inspiring young students. 

By the end of the week, the students had built and worked with hydrogen fuel cell mini-cars, applying concepts we taught.

Community Events

When conditions allow, our team is very active in spreading awareness and supporting community events, as well as running our own!

As a diverse multidisciplinary team, we are very active in spreading awareness, education, and support of community events and initiatives. A big part of sustainability is giving back to and collaborating with different groups and community members. By participating and promoting this, Team Phantom is looking to the future by leaving a positive influence.