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fast track


FastTrack is a program that is part of our team’s onboarding process for students who wish to join engineering sub-teams. It is comprised of different streams that allow students to focus and learn specific knowledge that is applicable to the desired sub-team that they would like to join. These sub-teams include:

  • Power

  • Controls

  • Dynamics

  • Frame & Aero​

FastTrack provides new members with the relevant basic information they will need to know in applying their knowledge to building an electric vehicle within their relevant sub-teams, and provides the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding through the completion of assignments related to larger team projects. 

By the end of the program, FastTrack members have a chance to join the core design team by applying their passion and dedication to STEM through project

At the end of the program, FastTrack members have the chance to take their new knowledge and experience and apply it to different projects across different sub-teams and even to their own personal projects.

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power team


The Power team deals with all the electrical internals of our electric vehicle.


The projects within this team stem from the understanding of all the electrical hardware that goes into a race car and how they interact with each other.


The team is responsible for designing and managing the power that supplies the race car's motor, alongside everything that keeps the driver safe.


Our Power team using Altium.


Our Power team working virtually over Zoom!



Over the fall, the Power team has made consistent progress that goes into the internals of an electric vehicle. We’ve completed multiple custom PCB designs, built modules and enclosures that would house all of our electronic and power devices, and tested low and especially high voltage components like the motor and the charger. This semester, we’re making the finishing touches on our designs, manufacturing the components, and putting them all together to test one last time before integrating it into the car itself. And the team? We’re eager to make an even better system for next year!

- Andrei Divinagarcia, Power Lead

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  • Akhilesh Kakkar

  • Alex McGovern

  • Alexis Marie Rakush

  • Amneet Mann

  • Andrei Divinagarcia

  • Arrsh Mittal


  • Baron De Guzman

  • Brayden McKeen

  • Brodie Milne

  • Elena Soboleva

  • Jarod Krane

  • Jeannifer Labelle

  • Justin Tsang

  • Khoi Nguyen

  • Mahmoud Kamaleldin

  • Ryan Heo

  • Sumaiya Raee

Controls team


The Controls team develops systems that enable the driver to interact with the vehicle, gather data during operation, and monitor critical safety systems to keep the driver safe during their ride.


From sensors to computer systems, this team designs the systems responsible for all the communication and programming within our racecar.

controls team screenshot.png

Our Controls team using Visual Studio Code.


Our Controls team working virtually over Zoom!



The Controls team has been working on wrapping up the development for the '20-'21 car and integrating all our efforts together. Components of our data acquisition system are being tested, and the database to log these values is being implemented. The system will soon be integrated to run alongside the software stack for the vehicle's dashboard.


We've completed the digital design of the dashboard and, with the help of the Frame & Aero team, we're working on ensuring the physical components are secured and can be seen clearly by the driver. 


The main embedded system to run the car, called the VCU, is undergoing finishing touches and the team is bringing together all the features to work seamlessly. We expect to begin black box testing this system shortly, with a hardware-in-loop test board the team designed themselves. This test system will help us determine whether the VCU is handling critical safety checks appropriately, so that we can make any necessary adjustments before we use the car.


New members on the team coming from the Fast Track program have been working on this project, so the completion of this will be an exciting milestone for us. 

- Courtenay Huffman, Controls Lead

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  • Akhilesh Kakkar

  • Andrei Divinagarcia

  • Courtenay Huffman

  • Elena Soboleva

  • Emma Hannaford

  • Ethan Wong

  • Faraz Borghei

  • Forbes Ng


  • Gabe Soares

  • Jay Pacamarra

  • Joshua Li Guo

  • Junaid Khan

  • Justin Tsang

  • Justin Ernest Mateo

  • Khail Alibhai

  • Mahmoud Kamaleldin

  • Manraj Singh Rai

  • Nathan Cushing

  • Rafael Guevara

  • Ryan Heo

  • Stephanie Wong

  • Sumreen Rattan

  • Tanya Nookut 

  • Vlad Bors

  • Yash Bhavnani

dynamics team


The Dynamics team is responsible for connecting the driver and power to the ground, and ensuring the car handles and performs to its fullest extent.


This team is responsible for the drivetrain, suspension, braking, and other handling systems that give the vehicle its agility and speed.

Dynamics screenshot.png

Our Dynamics team using SolidWorks.

dynamics zoom.png

Our Dynamics team working virtually on Discord!



In the last few months, the Dynamics team has put a large focus on manufacturing processes and getting our first vehicle off stands and onto the ground!


We've made great progress with our welding and learning better practices for it, as well as having to do part modifications as we run into some issues. Additionally, a rolling chassis is quickly approaching in the upcoming months. We've also been working on design procedures for the '21-'22 vehicle. We've started off with some calculations and streamlining our optimization procedures, as well as working on designs for common  and large components that may be roadblocking prototypes for the rest of the vehicle.


We've also added new members to our team through FastTrack. Through this, we've been furthering our learning on our vehicle dynamics research, looking at some component sourcing for the '22 vehicle, and also covering some CAD best practices as new members come on starting their first designs.

- Aidan MacDonald, Dynamics Lead

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  • Aidan MacDonald

  • Alex Cherniavskii

  • Ben Boublil


  • Donovan Magel

  • Forbes Ng

  • Hooman Pirouz

  • Jonathan Olarte

  • Matthew Mendoza

  • Peter Kwan

frame & aero team


The Frame & Aero team deals with design and fabrication for many physical car components, including the space frame, bodywork, and the development of aerodynamic devices like spoilers and diffusers.

frame n aero screenshot.png

Our Frame & Aero team using Flowsquare+.

frame n aero zoom .png

Our Frame & Aero team working virtually on Discord!



In the last few months, the Frame & Aero team has been split between focusing on finishing modifications and manufacturing for our first vehicle, and starting development for the next one.


While a few members involved with design and manufacture finish the completion of final components and bodywork, we've recently gotten a wave of fresh members through our FastTrack program. We're now working on planning and designing components that will be implemented in the '21-'22 vehicle. This includes components such as our aerodynamic package, a greatly improved frame design, and a more tightly integrated cockpit.


We’re also working with other sub-teams in the physical integration of their components as well; a big part of making sure that everything is properly implemented in the big picture.

- Alex Cherniavskii, Frame & Aero Lead

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  • Alex Cherniavskii

  • Elvan Planas

  • Jasmine de Leon


  • Jonathan Wan

  • Kye Hall

  • Matthew Mendoza

  • Pardeep Bhattal

  • Peter Kwan

  • Prabnoor Rajput

business team


The Business team encompasses those who are involved with finance, sponsorship, community engagement and outreach, as well as marketing.


Students from a variety of different faculties at SFU are welcomed and have excelled within these positions, learning leadership, communication, and management skills.

business presentation.jpg

A Phantom member giving a business presentation at the  H.R. MacMillan Space Centre pre-COVID

business zoom

Our Business team working virtually over Discord!



In the last few months, the Business team has been busy working on ad hoc tasks regarding finance, sponsorship, community engagement, outreach, and marketing.


We've currently been working on redesigning our website, updating existing sponsorship databases, and building community connections through partnerships with different external organizations!

- XingLu Wang, Executive Director

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  • Alex Cherniavskii

  • Bhavneet Gill 

  • Christine Orcullo


  • Courtenay Huffman

  • Elena Soboleva

  • Emma Hannaford

  • Sara Yip

  • XingLu Wang

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